Behind the Scenes at Okbet Casino: Operations, Management, and Technology



Okbet Casino opened its doors in 2018 and quickly became one of the most popular casino destinations in the country. But what really goes on behind the scenes to keep this massive operation running smoothly 24/7? Here’s an inside look at the key aspects of the casino’s operations, management, and technology.


The nuts and bolts of casino operations at Okbet involves coordinating a small army of employees, scheduling gaming activities, managing ingress and egress of thousands of daily guests, securing ample cash to pay out winnings, and keeping the lights on – literally.

On the gaming floor, pit bosses oversee table game operations, ensuring dealers are attentive, payouts are accurate, and games are running efficiently. Slot attendants roam the slot machine areas, addressing machine malfunctions and helping guests. Security officers patrol the floors to maintain safety and order. Behind the scenes, gaming managers analyze data to optimize floor layouts and staffing needs.

Daily cash handling requires complex coordination between cage cashiers, count room staff, armored car pickup, and the casino bank. Millions in cash changes hands each day, requiring rigorous auditing procedures. Staff schedules breaks, meals, and shifts to provide 24/7 coverage while complying with labor regulations.

An extensive facilities team handles general maintenance, landscaping, janitorial services, and repairs to keep the massive 400,000 square foot property in top shape around the clock. Staff manages inventory controls for gambling supplies like cards, chips, and dice. Marketing experts analyze customer data to optimize promotions and loyalty programs. The list goes on!


Overseeing all casino operations is an executive leadership team led by the General Manager and supported by directors of gaming, marketing, finance, security, and other operational units. Accounting personnel handle auditing, financial reporting, payroll, and regulatory compliance.

The VIP Services department caters to high-roller guests with personalized hospitality and amenities. The Surveillance department utilizes advanced monitoring systems to identify fraud or misconduct. Human Resources staff handles hiring, training, labor relations, benefits, and more for the casino’s over 2,000 employees.


Cutting-edge technology helps drive success at Okbet Casino. A state-of-the-art computer system tracks data for all slot machines and table games in real-time, metering coin-in, coin-out, jackpots, game history, and more. This enables rapid analysis of game performance. Surveillance teams use facial recognition and analytics software to identify advantage players and suspicious behaviors on the floor.

The casino offers a feature-packed mobile app that links to the loyalty program, enables virtual food ordering, provides wayfinding maps, and more. Players can access their loyalty accounts via ticket-in/ticket-out card readers at machines. Backend inventory management software tracks usage of critical casino supplies in real-time.

With massive scale comes great complexity. But Okbet Casino has built an optimized operational framework to deliver outstanding service and reliability for guests backed by sound management practices and technological innovation. This inside look provides just a glimpse into what it takes to run a modern casino resort like a well-oiled machine.


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