Casino okbet casino login Games History Or How People Have Learnt To Count

The Story of Casino okbet casino login Games or How People Learned to Read Cards Part4.

Another famous name of great influence is Keith Taft blackjack. He is an engineer, computer scientist and inventor, he created his first blackjack computer in 1970, before Ken Uston appeared on the scene, only four years after the publication of Thorp’s second book that encouraged him for this work . This computer named “George” was used by the Uston team. Consider the fact that at that time, there was no computer at all, but only miniaturization. The first version used a 16-bit processor, manual memory, and manual programming. The assembly and disassembly work took two years. He covered his device with a metal cover to prevent tampering with it and hid it in his shoes. At first he was lucky, but later he lost a lot. This made him leave indie games. Keith thought about writing, but his contract with professional athletes came. After a few years, the market offered more powerful computing devices. The basis of another device is the Z80 processor. Keith built it with a pocket calculator.


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