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Another unforgettable WSOP moment lucky cola took place in 2006 during a heads-up showdown between Phil Hellmuth, a poker superstar known for his brash personality, and his opponent, Cory Zeidman. With millions watching live, Hellmuth made an audacious bluff, convincingly pretending to be weak when, in fact, he held a strong hand. Zeidman fell for the deception and made a significant bet, only to be met with an instant call from Hellmuth, who revealed his winning hand. The entire episode showcased Hellmuth’s extraordinary poker skills and ability to manipulate his opponents’ actions.

In 2012, Antonio Esfandiari cemented his place in WSOP history by winning the largest-ever prize in a poker tournament. Competing in the Big One for One Drop, an event with a buy-in of one million dollars, Esfandiari demonstrated his exceptional talent and shrewd decision-making skills by outlasting a field of incredibly skilled players. He ultimately claimed the first-place prize of over $18 million, solidifying his name as one of the all-time greats in poker. This unprecedented victory showcased the potential for astronomical winnings in the world of high-stakes poker.


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