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The quantitative approach is crucial in providing necessary information on the scope and scale of gambling addiction. For example, studies using this research method have revealed that certain demographics, such as young males, are more susceptible to developing a gambling addiction. Furthermore, quantitative research has highlighted the financial impact of gambling addiction, showcasing the substantial debts and financial instability faced by those suffering from this disorder. This information is vital for policymakers and healthcare providers in developing effective interventions and support networks to address the widespread issue.

Another research approach used to study gambling addiction is the qualitative method. This method focuses on understanding the lived experiences of individuals struggling with a gambling addiction and delves into the underlying motives and triggers driving this behavior. Qualitative research typically involves in-depth interviews and observations, allowing researchers to gather rich and nuanced data on the personal narratives and experiences of those affected. This approach helps shed light on the emotional, psychological, and sociocultural dimensions of gambling addiction.

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