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The mafia’s involvement in the operation of casinos was not limited to Las Vegas. Other gambling hotspots, such as Atlantic City, also experienced a similar history. In the 1970s, mob-controlled construction companies built many of the lavish resorts that attracted tourists to Atlantic City. The mafia subsequently gained control over these establishments, leading to numerous instances of corruption and illegal activities.

Furthermore, it would be remiss to overlook the significance of the Asian mafia, particularly in regards to casinos. Asian organized crime groups, such as the Triads, have been linked to the gambling industry, especially in Macau. Reports suggest that these criminal syndicates have used casinos as a means of money laundering and facilitating illegal activities.

Despite the extensive historical evidence, efforts to eliminate mafia involvement in the casino industry have been ongoing. Political pressure, stricter regulations, and increased law enforcement have contributed to reducing organized crime’s impact on casinos. Many casinos today are owned and operated by reputable corporations, governed by strict rules and regulations to maintain integrity and transparency.


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