Lesotho Casinos hawkplay

It will not be surprising to see that in this poor country there is no casino, especially where at least 50% of the population lives from food (or farmers) and those who have a job that pays money has. with other countries hawkplay. But applying these ideas to Lesotho would miss the most important truth about the country. It is completely surrounded by South Africa, although economically embedded there, it is politically and legally separate.

During the years of apartheid and the rule of the religious National Party (many of whom considered Southern Baptists as dangerous libertarians), there was a sense of what you did not do at home in South Africa. Therefore, people go to tribal countries, such as Lesotho, to gamble, so there is actually a list of casinos in Lesotho. List of casinos in Lesotho:

– Maseru Sun Hotel & Casino  hawkplay

– Lesotho Sun Hotel & Casino  hawkplay

Maseru Casino itself has only slots, while Maseru Casino itself has only slots.


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