Review Of Paris Las Vegas Hotel And Casino gemdisco

Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, the famous and extraordinary Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino gemdisco is all that it aspires to be and more, complete with a delightful setting, top-quality accommodations, luxurious amenities, exciting activities, and its thrilling and inviting casino.

The 85,000-square-foot gemdisco casino, in particular, keeps its guests coming back for more, complete with more than 2,200 slot machines and video poker machines and more than 100 of your favorite table games, including both the newest games, as well as the very best in all-time casino classics. Enjoy a little French gemdisco atmosphere while you play the games and machines of your choice at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, complete with cobblestone pathways, French-inspired street lamps, and a close view of the hotels very own “Eiffel Tower.”

Get a piece of this exciting casino gemdisco action with your pick of a vast array of slot machines and video games, which are all simple, fast, and fun to play, not to mention extremely popular. Choose from reel slots, multi-line video slots, and Megabucks progressives, among others.


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