With The Deck Of Casino Cards To The School Blackboard.

And the luckycola.com casino card game on the school board. The first part. Traditional thinking always associates card games with sin. Although there is no law prohibiting gambling on playing cards is a sin. This is not just the opinion of people who do good deeds like religious people. However, despite common sense, card games have played an important role in culture and for the first time in education. Let’s look at the truth.

The card game has been used for educational purposes almost as long as it appeared in Europe. These maps are used in lessons in history and geography, logic and law, Latin and grammar, astronomy, mathematics and art, communication and military strategy. These are clear examples of what is called the second use of cards by well-educated professionals. In 1507, a Franciscan monk, authorized in theology in Krakow, Thomas Murner published the book “Chartiludium logicae”, which consists of a training card used by monks to teach Logic. Murner was so successful in didactics, that he was accused of sorcery and avoided attending the games.


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