With The Deck Of luckycola com Casino Cards To The School Blackboard

And the luckycola com casino card game on the school board. The third part. With this rich heritage, these card games were created for educational purposes. In 1662, the German printer Johann Hoffmann published a reproduction of the “Ancient map art with 36 numbers created by Johann Pretorio”. The Bavarian National Museum in Munich preserves the cards issued by Johann Schtridbeck in 1685 and can be linked to the “Worthy Men” series. These cards feature famous men from ancient Rome and Greece. Other cards have images of Roman emperors starting with Caesar. In 1936, a card called “History” was published to honor the reign of England’s King Edward VIII. The cards have been handwritten with English text on them. The cards represent the 53 rulers of England. A very beautiful can is kept in the Victoria and Albert Museum: the image on the cover is a scene in front of the Colosseum and the Latin inscription – “Testis Temporum”. Each of the four coats of arms is dedicated to one of the kings: the coin describes the Assyrians, the cup corresponds to the Persians, the sword to the Greeks, the guardians to the Romans.


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