Baji Live Casino Online

This is the best quality platform you can use for not only cricket predictions but also to try your luck in casino entertainments. To get started, you should log into your account, proceed to the “Casino” or “Slots” section, and pick the entertainment you want.

Cricket betting

Baji Live online casino is one of the best gambling site in entire South East Asia that has an advanced bonus and affiliate program. It offers reliable and safe cricket betting. Compared to other cricket betting sites and traditional bookmakers, Baji Live India provides you with a lot of live cricket match selections where you can bet directly in-play.

Slot Games

The portal offers hundreds of regular and progressive jackpot games. For experienced players, slot machines can be turned into practically an online tool that allows getting significant winnings.

The portal cooperates with top-notch providers like NetEnt, Betsoft, Microgaming, etc. A lot of entertainments allow you to their mechanic and functionality without placing real money.

Table Games

Along with online betting, Baji Live has a lot of table entertainments to choose from poker, European/American roulette, classic blackjack, sports favourites, etc. All of them are available in the “Table” section of the site. Keep in mind that most the entertainments, does not support free gaming.

How to Place a Bet?

After you proceed to the live cricket section, you can use handy filters to pick the exact cricket match and see the overall outcome and live cricket score. Like on the best betting exchange sites Bangladesh can offer, you can also use the option to bet directly, switch between odd types, etc.

When you pick a particular cricket match, you should do the following.

  1. Choose among the exciting range of odd types.
  2. Specify the amount of funds you are ready to place on a live cricket match.
  3. Submit your bet.

Like other cricket betting sites Bangladesh or India can offer, the Baji Live portal creates a special bet coupon and sends it to the private account. There, bettors can check the live cricket score and the bet status.

Live casino bonus

As the best gambling site in entire South East Asia, Baji Live offers a separate lucrative live casino bonus. Like most top betting exchange sites in South East Asia, this bonus allows you to get 50% on the amount of funds you place to play live casino entertainments. At the time of writing the upper edge of this sum is 10,000 BDT.


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