Blackjack hawkplay Terms – Part Two

in Part 2 of our Blackjack hawkplay Strategy series. We’ll pick it up in the “Comps”, which makes it my favorite in the casino. Let’s begin.

Comps – This is the main reason for many people’s fears. A Comp is everything you get for free at the casino. It can be food, room, money, travel, drinks, etc. This is a tip. Most casinos count players based on player card data. Whenever you enter a new casino, ask for their playing cards and get one, they are free.

Cut Cards – When you cut a game in Blackjack – at a live table – you use cut cards. This card is the same size as the regular card in the red game. It is also plastic. Drag this baby to the right place and let’s win some hands!

Discard – These are playing hawkplay cards. In a real live game, you’ll see ads around the table. Double Deck – A game of Blackjack typically uses 1 to 8 decks of…


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