Learning from Jilibet: Mobile App Marketing Strategies for the Gambling Industry

In the rapidly growing and highly competitive online gambling market, having an effective mobile app marketing strategy is essential. Leading operators like Jilibet have found innovative ways to promote their betting and casino apps to drive downloads and user acquisition. Here are some key lessons others in the industry can learn from Jilibet’s marketing playbook:

Leverage Social Media Influencers
Jilibet has partnered with popular influencers, ambassadors, and content creators across various social platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. By tapping into the loyal followings of influencers, they’ve been able to increase brand awareness and visibility for their mobile app offerings in an authentic and relatable way. User-generated content from influencers also helps build trust.

Engaging App Store Optimization
With so many gambling apps vying for visibility, optimizing app store listings is crucial. Jilibet has focused on high-quality visuals, enticing descriptions highlighting key features/bonuses, and incorporating relevant keywords in their app metadata. They also proactively encourage ratings/reviews and respond to user feedback to improve rankings.

Referral & Affiliate Programs
Jilibet incentivizes existing customers to refer new players through rewarding referral programs and generous bonuses. They also partner with affiliates who promote their mobile app through review sites, emails, and paid advertising, paying out a revenue share. This cost-effective approach helps expand their marketing reach.

Free-to-Play Games & Social Casinos
To drive app installs and onboard new players, Jilibet offers free-to-play casino games and social gaming apps that closely mimic their real-money gambling experience. These “free” apps introduce users to the brand and enable cross-promotion to the real-money gambling app.

Creative Paid Advertising Campaigns
While organic is important, Jilibet dedicates significant paid marketing budget to audience-targeted mobile ads. They test different creatives, ad formats (video, playables, etc.), and channels to efficiently acquire high-value users. Retargeting lapsed/inactive users is also a focus.

Local Adaptation & Localization
Depending on markets served, Jilibet customizes app content, features, branding, promotions, and marketing messaging for better localization and cultural adaptation. This resonates with local audiences and complies with regional regulations.

By implementing a strategic mix of these proven mobile user acquisition tactics, Jilibet has successfully scaled its real-money gambling app business across markets. Their marketing playbook offers valuable insights for others looking to drive downloads and engagement in this lucrative but intensely competitive industry.


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