Roulette Tips

Casino games, like slot machines, are games of pure luck where no skill or strategy can affect the outcome. Each casino spin is completely independent of all previous spins. There is no mathematical formula that can be applied to explain and predict the unpredictable behavior of the ball in casino roulette. Don’t expect any of the many “winning roulette strategies” to work for you just because they don’t!

But there is a strong belief that a roulette player can increase their chances by playing a free roulette game. A European or French casino table has 37 numbers including zero, while an American roulette table has 38 numbers including zero and two zeros. Casinos almost always have two types of roulette tables. According to this theory, which some say has been proven mathematically, players should play French Roulette with zero units.

This should improve their odds by a few percent compared to the American Roulette casino game.


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