The Web Business: What’s In A (Domain) Name? For Casino lodibet log in

You’ve seen them before and wondered what the heck they were thinking: small businesses with domain names like lodibet log in. Half-out-loud you say: what, was  taken? A new advertising technique of “illegal” casino websites helps prove that your snickering is absolutely justified lodibet log in.

Cheapskates and Johnny-dot-Com-Lately’s

If you’ve consulted for small business websites as long as I have, you have probably encountered more than a few whose owners decided to save three dollars at Godaddy by buying a dot-biz domain name. Or a dot-net, dot-info, or dot-whatever was on sale that week.

Whatever it is, forget trying to tell lodibet log in them that they may have lost out in thousands of dollars of business from type-ins. That is, from all the people who will type in the dot-com version and get an error message–or a parked domain advertising naughty-naughty pictures. Nor should you tell them that everyone who knows a dot-biz from a dot-com knows that the former is usually.


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