With The Deck Of lucky cola Casino Cards To The School Blackboard.

Breitkopf described lucky cola another 18th-century deck: ‚ÄúThis deck has four suits: Ven (commoners), Woo (war), Co (science), Juan (academy), nine cards each. Each card has a name corresponding to that suit. In this way, we have the most important levels of leaders and especially the most important workers from the bottom to the top”.

Prunner has three important aspects of Chinese maps in the 17th century: literary citations; toasts and wishes; sums in monetary terms (from one hundred and ten thousand to ten thousand and one hundred and coins). Later, the leaders and the toasts disappear and the cards or only the newspaper and the money remain. The most popular Chinese card is the cash card. The value of the card is determined by the number of coins.

The first Japanese cards were created from the sea and were intended for the literary entertainment of educated people. The lines of the poem are shown in the bullets. The object of the game is to connect the shells (to write a poem).


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